232 - Blackbear with Salmon - Schwarzbär mit Lachs

Blackbear with Salmon
Schwarzbär mit Lachs

Ursus americanus
Black Bear

Fish Creek, Salmon River, Hyder, Alaska, USA, America

An image from my early photography days: A multi-speed analog film from Fuji with standard ISO of 100, which can be pushed up to ISO1000 - in this case Push3 = ISO800. Not dialling an ISO on the camera: Decide on the ISO for the whole film and then get a special push processing requested for film development. Compared to today's digital standard with horrible quality.

Exposed like ASA 800, Push 3
EOS3, EF 70-200/2,8 L USM, EF 2x Konverter, Stativ; Fuji RMS100/1000