Moose Threats / Conservation

  North America

Moose in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Details. Update for 2017 here.

Moose Decline in New England


Twins predict moose health in Alaska

Rates from 20% to 70%. Details.

Moose increase, wolves decline in Michigan's Isle Royal National Park

Older study cites climate change. Details.


Moose arthritis study in Isle Royal National Park

Moose arthritis linked to early malnutrition. Details.

Moose gone from Michigan's lower peninsula

Hunting, habitat alteration and deer parisites are explanations. Details.

Moose conservation in New York

Information about threats from bears (young calves), brainworm and vehicle collisions. here

Recovery plan for moose in Nova Scotia

From abundant moose in the 1600s to 2003 moose became an endangered species. Now there is an excellent recovery plan. Details.

Moose conservation in Washington

Moose threat from poaching and vandalism complicates management. Details.

Moose monitoring by the Cree in northern Quebec

Living and hunting in harmony with the environment. Details.


Heavy metals affect moose health in Norway

Cadmium linked to moose kidney problems and osteoporosis. Details.

Intoxicated moose in Norway

Warm summer + early show = fermenting apples = tipsy moose. Details.