About Mark Picard

Mark Picard is one of the world's leading nature photographers. His work appears in books, on calendars and in other media. This series of photo essays, done exclusively for Mooseworld, explains how he photographs moose.

The descriptions are arranged by season since different times of the year present various opportunities and challenges for a professional photographer. His evocative photographs and knowledgeable writing let us learn more about moose and more about capturing their behavior on film.


Mark Picard's Photpgraphy Workshops

Join professional wildlife photographer Mark Picard for an exciting, comprehensive three day photography workshop/tour in and around northern Maine's Mt. Katahdin region. During peak viewing times in June and October, we will travel to one of Maine's most abundant moose habitats, where you will learn how to photograph these magnificent creatures.

Mark also leads day-long, one-on-one photography workshops designed to offer the participants an in depth learning experience while improving their photography skills and proficiency. Either digital or film camera formats are welcome.

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Mark Picard offers custom prints on his Web site.