Picture of the month - January 2022

Road To Anywhere

Road To Anywhere

A new year is starting - where does the road lead to, are there new perspectives?

People tend to use a single day of the year as projection into the future, making plans for the year to come, with lots of New Years resolutions.

I more go the way of "every day can be a new start, a new chance". This avoids frustrations on one hand, and gives many more opportunties to change things.

Another tought looking back on the recent months: Completely outshined by the last two years crazy pandemic chaos, nature still is the most worth thing to be preserved, but somewhat pushed back in people's field of vision?

Looking at this image, a very small piece of mankind in an inconceivably wide nature and landscape. And despite this tiny little piece of biology, we still seem to manage destroying or at least permanently damaging this most valuable thing called nature.

For the new year, I hope that news about Corona a vanisihing for the sake of amplifying attention to nature conservation and the really major tasks for all of us.


Road To Anywhere

Try to value very single day with a noble proposition,

your Mr.Mooseman