Picture of the month - February 2020

Vedersø Båke Skystorm

Vedersø Båke Skystorm


It was a cold visit at the North Sea in the small summer cottage settlement Vedersø Klit.

And it was a special time: The evening of the 31st of December - New Year's Eve.

The sunset was spectacular this night. Brigth red-orange colors shading into the blue evening sky showing the moon high above.

We stayed slightly more North than usually in Westjutland: Vedersø Klit is known for soley having thatched roofs on the houses - ordered by building regulations. Because of that fact, silvester rockets are not allowed in the area to reduce the risk of fire.

Why we went there? Our new dog, Lunas, was rather fearful when it comes to rockets and firecrackers. A good choice, also for the environment and all wild animals in the area - something to think about for next year ...

The good part for the image: Vedersø Klit has one of the 11 old beacons fomerly being used for ship navigation in the area besides the lighthouses.

It was refurbished starting 2011 and is now a few meters apart from it's old position in best shape again - a great photo scene.


Vedersø Båke Skystorm

Happy new year full of images,

your Mr.Mooseman