Picture of the month - May 2020

Autumn Color Explosion

Autumn Color Explosion


Maybe not the right season for an autumn picture of the month?

Always the right time for a colorful and bright image - especially in tough times!

And it is a premiere - the first image in this website taken with a mobile phone.

Since the last photo fair "Photokina" two years ago, when I had the chance to play around with a Huwai P30 Pro with it's amazing photo capabilities, I switched all planning for a small scale system camera or bridge camera to sumplement my DSLR equipment for the reason of having a camera at hand when the big gear stays at home.

Clearly - the three lenses and extreme resolution of 40MP with the main lens in a phone is extraordinary. As the digital features such as HDR imaging or nightshot are.But it still is a different world compared with a DSLR or DSLM to put it in a nutshell. Don't sell your system camera, complement it with a good phone to have a camera always at hand in any situation. And forget to get sports imaging or such done with your phone - continue with your professional gear made for it.

But - it is the first time I have a camera in my cell phone, which can be used for demanding photography also besides "best light conditions". This image - taken by hand - is the proof. And a slightly exaggerated saturation suits me well as you might know checking my portfolio.


Autumn Color Explosion

Use any equipment supporting your creativity, forget any gear snobbery, the image counts finally,

your Mr.Mooseman