Picture of the month - November 2021

Frogs comfort bed

Frogs comfort bed

It was a sunny day in the water and plant park "Les Jardins d'Eau" in the Périogord region of France. Actually it was pretty hot.

The expectation of a wonderfully created landscape of the botanical garden with lots of water, ponds and pools made me happy.

What gear to choose? Plants and blooms ... macro. Gardens and scapes ... 24-105mm, maybe also the 16-35mm. Fine. Heavy enough. Well, the 70-200 might be useful in some cases.

The gardens were beautiful, we walked many hundred meters of paths and walkways and passed water scapes wonderfully prepared.

In the ponds we saw fish, and so many flowers, water lilies, lotus all over the place.

At one of the ponds I just tried to take some images of small fish swimming in miniature pools formed by partially submerged water plant leaves, when I noticed a frog a little bit further away climbing a water lilly flower.

I got excited with the most interesting photo opportunity yet just in front of me. But even with 200mm focal length no chance to get a full sized image of the lazy frog on the bloom.

It was quite some distance from the pond back to the entrance and the car park, where my 150-600mm lens waited for the frog. But when having such a wonderful motive already burnt into your mental image storage, you don't hesitate to run back.

I already mentioned it was hot, but I don't regret the sportive tour to the car and back to the pond, leaving some sweat trail along the path.

Still I believe I hardened the opinion of many people in the park when I passed them, that photographers are crazy - sprinting with a huge lens and my backpack. But hey - isn't such an image worth the stress - and who cares what others think?



Frogs comfort bed

Photography can be a sportive task, so stay fit,

your Mr.Mooseman