Analog and digital manipulation techniques

In this area you can find pictures manipulated in some way, either already planned and prepared while taking the picture (e.g. cross developping, double exposures) or afterwards by making Slide Sandwiches ( also need some earlier planning regarding exposure) or dissolving slides in water as well as colouring B&W prints.

It is the type of photography sometimes providing results which many people either don't regard as photography or just don't like.

However I enjoy the possibility to be creative in the way of producing visions which don't exist in this particular way on our world. Also my love for strong colours is met, which you possibly can see in many of those "creations". Nearly all pictures shown here up to now are manipulated in an analog manner. Nevertheless , just as a child, who has to try everything, I also started to work with the PC to digitally create scenarios, which would not be possible to find in reality. Interesting, I must admit ...

  Are manipulated pictures photography ?

There are hot discussions ongoing in any photographing magazine at the moment regarding "Are computer manipulated pictures photography?"

If you look at my pictures in this section you can and must ask the same question. I very personally believe in the fact, that pictures manipulated in any way should be clearly stated to be manipulated. The possibilities given by today's picture editing software are great, but pictures created with these challenging tools must be marked so they can be compared e.g. in competitions, salons in their particular group between themselves.

Nobody would really dare to compare an oil painting with a photography. And there is in my opinion also some unfairness to compare a picture designed in the viewfinder and taken with all necessary patience and technical understanding to a picture put together of different material and then optimized on the screen.

Both must be regarded as art and are important to exist, no doubt. But the viewer needs to know, how they are created. And competitions should regard this fact by opening an own section for this new way of photographing. Not necessarily for digital photographing in general - but at least for the pictures "created" at the computer by changing, adding, merging material together, which originally wasn't existing in that way.

Again - that is my very personal view and I'm open to any criticism ....