New picture of the month - "Frame Stacking" (Paris, France)
New link in link page to added - Simone Kessler professional photography
New link added in Sweden - Links section (as well as Denmark and Norway) - Scandinavien Travel Codex (German) - the etiquette of travelling to scandinavia
Denmark's Westjutland Guide - is updated (focus on the "Levende Historie" sites)

Frame Stacking
Picture of the month - August 2021  
Moose section in gallery - the vision and the heart of this web
Special feature: The legacy of mooseworld
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An amendment to the image sections with "Passionate Photography - nothing else": More images - no text - Der Dänemark Westjütland Guide - Der Dänemark Westjütland Guide Denmark    
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My first book is released - a tribute and memory to my Brittany Spaniel Lola:
"Ein himmlisches Leben mit Lola" - see also the Mooseman Collection area

Ein himmlisches Leben mit Lola


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