3707 - Bò Ghàidhealach - -

Bò Ghàidhealach

Bos primigenius taurus , captive
Highland Cattle
Schottisches Hochlandrind

Kingussie, Highlands, Scotland, United Kingdom, Europe

Scottish Highland cattle - also known as kyloe or Bò Ghàidhealach, are part of my stereotypical Scotland portrayal, they belong to the country and although they are widely spread outside of Scotland, they always remember me of the wild Scottish landscapes they seem to belong to. They are intriguing creatures with calm character. So this "motional" image does not really reflect their common sluggishness.

EOS 7D, EF 100-400/4.5-5.6 L USM @ 100mm, 1/20 F4.5, ISO500; RAW