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Ardea cinerea
Grey heron

Ring of Beara, County Cork, Republic of Ireland, Europe

Grey Herons are one of my large challenges (my wife can tell they are - not one week without a teasing comment on grey herons from here side). They are extraordinarily vigilant birds, and coming close is tough. Long tele lenses and a sound dose of patience are mandatory. Or better : A camouflage tent (which I don't have). However every now and then I get some picture of those flight-taking hectics. This one seen during our trip round the Ring of Beara in County Cork I personally like, although not being a close-up, due to the background of grasses behind the landing heron.

EOS20D, Carbon Tripod, ISO400, 1/640 F6.0, EF 300/4,0 L IS USM, EF 1,4x Converter; RAW