Mr.Mooseman's Personal Info & Photographing

Born in April 1969 in a small town, called Forchheim (close to Nürnberg) in southern Germany in the area of Franconia, where I still live, I started photographing quite early in the age of 10, not very ambitioned though. By the way - my name is Stefan Sattler...




The picture is taken by my wife Barbara in Ireland, Cliffs of Moher, in 2005

How did it come?

Since that time I always had some camera and took some pictures, sometimes more, sometime none at all for quite a while.
A very good friend of mine, Stefan B., was during those early days joining the first tries of doing more than just party photographing, and we had quite some fun together with trying to find out how nightshots, sandwiches and just normal shooting works.
Not earlier than around 1992 some new enthusiasm joined the pure existance of my camera. The trigger was a new friend -also a Stefan B. by the way - who started photographing at that time and resurected my interest. He - in the meantime - overtook me by far in "fanatism" and equipment, but he still plays an important role as somebody,as myself, being able to talk for hours just about photographing, locations, equipment and how it would feel being a proffessional.

Barbara, my wife, always supports me with my photo enthusiasm. She patiently accepts my extended photo sessions especially during holidays and also the time consuming sorting of the slides or digital pictures.
She herself is a great photographer with the right view for good pictures, better than myself.
Also pushing my interest, but due to my larger devotion to the technical side and consequently my growing equipment with good lenses, she got (technically) worse pictures when we were both photographing at the same locations.
After watching this for some years she now finally resigned and switched over to video. A good solution helping both of us, as I now gain from having perfect videos as reminder for our trips additionally to hundreds of pictures.

With time passing by I tried to improve my poor background knowledge and tried - both in equipment as well as results - get slightly more proffessionell. In terms of equipment I succeeded, the results, well .... it takes a while if you are not a natural born talent. Judge yourself!

My slogan?

It's not my profession - it's my passion !


I could not focus my interest (yet) into one area of photograpy, but continue to play around here and there. Major interests however are nature, experimental & table-top and generally travel photographing. The last one as vacation is normally the only time in the year with enough time for the hobby - with the side effect of a suffering wife using half of the holiday time waiting for me .... here a big thanks to her and her patience!

Some words about nature ...

The nature, landscapes and wildlife are becoming more and more important for me and my photographing. I try not to interfere, but be a silent observer intending to show this fascinating thing called "nature" in pictures.
Unfortunately not everyone regards nature that much and therefore it's more and more vanishing in it's fascinating primitiveness.  Nature photographing should of course show this glorious environment in it's best (as original) shape to others. Anyhow it don't want only to give the feeling that everything on this earth is still in perfect harmony. It should rather encourage people to help saving what we still have and improve where human existance has already interfered too much ....

During my normal time I am working as an electrical engineer in an international company. Although I enjoy this work, it doesn't leave too much spare time for photographing, sometimes not even for my wife. But I'm trying hard ...

About this web

In my daily work I got in contact with web editing, not really into depth, but still enough to see how many possibilities this new medium provides.

That is how the idea for an own web was born. So to say, the easy part - the idea.  It takes quite a while until  first results came up, and it will take some more years, so my guess, to create a presentation I have in mind today. But it's also just fun to edit and to see the thing growing. In the meantime I got used to direct HTML coding and PHP to at least create the picture pages dynamically. I hope this will help in the future to bring more pictures on this web ...

English ?? Why ??

Why is this web in English, you might ask, although this guy is German? Well, many webpages start in the home language, and later on English is added to open it up for the international reader. Due to my international work I got a little bit used to English.  So why not start directly - at least the pictures are anyhow international.
I still have in mind, there might at least be somewhere in time some others than myself looking into this web, and I have friends in countries not so used to German ... and those, I hope, will forgive my limitations in their language.

The newer pictures in this web are finally scanned with a real film scanner, while still many others are from times when I only owned a low quality flatbed scanner, therefore pure scan quality can vary a lot. Nowadays I only work with digital SLRs, the scanner faces more lazy times ...

I hope you've not been bored too much, if yes you probably stopped reading before. I am open to any comments, you'll find both mail and guestbook buttons on the left hand navigation for feedback, ideas or anything else.

Enjoy the pictures and let me know your thoughts!

Cheers,  Stefan