Picture of the month - January 2011

Phare du Pontusval

Phare du Pontusval


It is one of my absolute favorite images recorded during our recent Brittany vacation in August 2010. We had enjoyed a long and interesting day along the English channel coastline. Physically satisfied after a break in the Café du Port in Brigognan-Plage with an awesome view on the small harbor, the Pontusval lighthouse was the final destination of the day before returning to our summer cottage.

When we arrived at the location, just two more cars - campers - stayed at the small parking area directly at the lighthouse - both waiting for the sunset. The sun was right starting to fade and the sky was flooded with and gradient of orange and blue light.

After investigating the area and taking some images behind the lighthouse, I concentrated on the front side with the beach and boulders. I did not realize time any more while filling my flash cards with memories fading in the very next moment as the light changed rapidly. I only realized, that my wife and son went back to our car as it took (too) long time for them and the temperatures fell just as the sun dropped.

Nature and human work can live in harmony - constructions as the lighthouse and the fence integrate and frame the beauty of sea, boulders and beach. It can be nature pure or any kind of harmony between man-made and natural objects and environments, which can inspire both soul as well as my photographic passion. The waiting and a few pretty cold fingers suddenly don't matter, when such a fusion goes along with a unique mood of the light.

Find your harmony,
your Mr. Mooseman !