Picture of the month - January 2013

Es kann nur einen geben - There can be only one

Flag English There can be only one
German flag Es kann nur einen geben

Eilean Donan Castle in the Scottish Highlands: One of the most photographed castles world-wide, and the most depicted one in Scotland. It is picturesque, and it is highly touristic - not without reason.

The Highlander movies used Eilean Donan as film set - the can be only one (castle?). In any case I recommend taking a walk to escape the beaten track and find your own point of view. If you like the typical postcard motif: It is very likely in normal operating hours, that you find a well organised piper in lens friendly manner close to the visitor center at the bridge leading to the castle.

I had chosen not to visit the castle at all (this time - it is anyhow recommended) and pass by the scores of visitors and find a more calm and special view with rocky foreground. In order to finally overcome the postcard view, a panorama trimming reduced unnecessary sky. Using HDR technique combined with selective contrast, diffuser and saturation changes in Photoshop produced my so-called "in art" effect. Somewhat mystic. There can be only one ...


There can be only one - Es kann nur einen geben

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