Picture of the month - January 2015

Seasons End

Flag English Seasons End

Photography as professionals practise, seems impossible with family - even if you have a very, very understand family as I do.

Taking typical images during the holiday season when being in new and awesome environments around the globe with your beloved ones does not necessarily correspond with what the photo enthusiast would yearn for.

It is hard to explain to your son, who is longing for returning to the summer cottage for a well-deserved pool bath after a long and eventful day, that your idea would be to stay for another hour at a location for taking a series of sunset images. Or take an hour or so to find the right perspective and setup for a macro image, while the rest wants to continue the hike. I assume, everybody in the situation knows what I am saying ...

There is another fatal limitation for a family based photographer - the free choice of time is an advantage the professional can play off: The best time for a trip based on blooming period or animal availability in a certain region seldomly complies with official holiday periods.

Don't complain - just try to find different views and angles and forget about the pictures you have seen while studying the travel guides before the trip - they may not be better or worse than yours - maybe taken at Seasons End when fields are already dug up as the crop is already harvested. Or the sunflowers bowing their heads full of seeds and with just a few lonesome yellow floral leafs left. It might get a very special and personal image ...

Possibly with another reproach, as you have - despite every effort - taken more than an hour to take those pictures :-)

Seasons End

There is no wrong time for photography,
your Mr. Mooseman