Picture of the month - January 2016

Floating Water Lights

Floating Water Lights

Amazing light effects can be obtained by using studio flashes with light forming addons and filters.

How much better to find a prepared setup: The waterfall Hellesyltfossen is illuminated at night. Together with the street lighting in contrasting colors it almost appears as a studio arrangement.

Taking the image was a painful work: Just before detecting the imaginary image scape I intended to prepare pasta in the camper. Disregarding the fact, that lids close to a gas flame might heat up, I grabbed the lid at the metal parts. Not for long. Reflexively I tried to get rid of the hot thing, leading to a perfect discus throw through the open camper door, missing my wife just by centimeters.

Thumb and index finger did show signs of inacceptance concerning the previous treatment. After having almost defrosted the small freezer of the camper to fight the skin burns, I decided to have a walk in order to forget about the pain. By reflex I took my camera to have a walk into the small town of Hellesylt.

Being slightly handicaped, I did not take a tripod, as handling the camera was complex enough with more or less one hand in use. How to take a long-term exposure of the waterfall? Finally I placed the camera on a bridge railing and supported it with my wallet to adjust the shooting angle. I was happy it worked - and forgot about the incident and the pain for quite a while - not knowing photography can even work curatively :-)

Floating Water Lights

Look out for the light and find a way,
Mr. Mooseman