Picture of the month - January 2018

Snow Field House

Snow Field House


It came unexpected. Just starting to explore Norway's South-Western parts during our frist trip to the amazing country, we expected Northern, but rather moderate weather during August.

We didn't finally calculate for the heights we were going to reach and found ourselves suddenly in piles of forgotten winter snow up to a meter and more and temperatures and winds making us feel being in a polar zone.

In this image of a lonesome summer (or winter) house, the snow had been melted to a large extent already. I wonder if it ever will complete melt in over 900 meters during summer?

An amazing experience, slightly modified in my "in art" series style to illustrate the sitruation even more controversial than it was.

What it makes even more gross: Comparing this to the "winter" weather we experience in my home area for many years now. During my childhood (about 100 years ago ...) we still built igloos standing for a few weeks at temperatures well below zero.
When trying this now you don't even complete the base row before it starts melting away two days later. If you find snow at all ...




Snow Field House

Don't mind unexpected weather,

your Mr.Mooseman