Picture of the month - January 2019

City Park Lights

City Park Lights


My home town Forchheim offers a few city park areas - not being really large in size, but partially along the impressive remains of the medieval city wall.

The mixture of modern works of art and the medieval elements such as the city wall or the St.Martin's church as seen in the back of the image are attraction enough.

In 2018 a spectacular light show installation illuminated the park during night hours for a short period. Multicolored lights in the artwork, trees and other plants, spotlights at the walls and standalone light elements such as overdimensioned floorlamps invited for a walk at night.

Positively I was not the only photographer in those nights. In fact besides those with similar interests many "normal" visitors made images without human interaction such as disturbing additional light elements from hundreds of mobile phones hard to obtain.

Patience is - as so many times in photography - the key. And the use of HDR imaging compressing the extreme dynamic range from multi-hundred watts spotlights down to a tiny amount of reflected city lights in the sky to a reasonable level pleasing the eye.



City Park Lights

A happy new year full of light to all of you,

your Mr.Mooseman