Picture of the month - February 2007


No, it's not that we had the money or time to enjoy a trip to the Sahara, Mojave, Gobi or Namib Deserts.

Quite contrary to that we limited last year's vacation to a one week trip to Denmark only. We loved it (knowing Denmark already foir quite some time). Specifically because it was not our first rendezvous with the country, I was surprised to find a rather rich inventory of photographic options. Being close to the North Sea, the water and dunes were definitely adding to that. And some (more) time just for tracking and enjoying the flat, but wonderful nature in spring time.

Structures in nature are a common theme in photography. I enjoyed them in all kinds nature provides - trees, flowers in large and macro scale, stones, plant details, animal skins and now I added another part of it - sand structures. Taking excessive time to look specifically raises the awareness of those structures just built of sand and the vigors of wind. The photos finally benefit from the late and therefore flat sunlight - here at a quarter past 7 p.m..

I found large area structures such as in this picture, which were best taken from the top of a dune, but as well small structures emerging from the play of darker and lighter sands, which seem to have a different weight and therefore a varying flight quality in the omnipresent winds. And finally don't forget to check the shore line, where the winds cannot access the wet and heavy sand, but the waves do, resulting in wash board surfaces. And the memories of other people, birds and dogs leaving their traces in the sands ...


Look for "your" Sahara behind the next corner,
your Mr. Mooseman !