Picture of the month - February 2008


Out tomcat is not a Rambo, nor an aggressive character at all. Just a cuddly pet enjoying extensive periods of belly-rubbing, which is rewarded with a persercerant purring. He is specialist in disturbing computer work (as for example sorting pictures or updating webpages) due to his persistence in getting petted.

That "Tigger", as he was baptised due to his impressive jumps, can show his "alter ego", his hunter side when he attacks this sheep keyring pendant, hanging from my desk lamp. In the meantime the poor sheep suffers from severe bites and very likely regrets the exposed position in a height obviously being a provocation for a real tomcat.

Although neither being a very spectacular nor a perfect technical picture I like it because of the situation and the different perspective - and position I never took a shot on an animal before. The very small depth of field results from my latest purchase - a 50mm/1,4 lens - an optimum between price and options in available light.


Find the perspective,
your Mr. Mooseman !