Picture of the month - February 2012




The mild image alteration - in my words "in art" - became a passion in the meantime and I try to give it a chance on selected images from almost every longer trip we take. Finding an atmospheric expression, which underlines the visual impact of the scenery without changing the contents - that is the intention.

Several digital techniques are used - multiple layers, each one with a mask, which is painterly filled nearly as using a real brush. Partial softening, color (de-)saturation and contrast changes are applied the same, manual, but still digital, way.

And the base for this image was an HDR - High Dynamic Range - image compiled from three single images. Too much of alteration - or manipulation?

Anything goes, as long as you like it. I leave it to you to judge.

The motif is in any case worth the trip to Elgol on the Isle of Skye. A sometimes lonesome travel to the end of the world (meant in it's best sense for one loving the calm, remote, solitary feeling supplemented by a magnificent nature). A few as lonesome sheep seem to share the tranquility of the scenery.

The goal is the journey,
your Mr. Mooseman !