Picture of the month - February 2018

Horn of Culture

Horn of Culture


This trumpet standing outside the Spira Kulturhuset - the culture house - in Jönköping is not alone.

Several of the loud bright-orange colored horns are scattered on the lawn on one side of the modern building, which is a great object for photographers itself.

It is a part of the modern Sweden - far apart from the stereotypical red wooden houses with white window- and doorframes, which are - wonderfully enough - still everywhere in the country.

I had a few minutes alone walking the dog, while my family had other things in mind. Luckily I took my camera bag with me - a few minutes lasted slightly longer in the end, while I was captured with the glass-fronted building and the horns.

While I took quite some images of the horns itself cropping them from their surroundings, this one I like most as it shows some of the urban environment as well as a rather realxed guy enjoying the warm summer afternoon on the turf.

It is a matter of personal opinion and preference of course - but finally it's your way of perceiving the world around you when taking images, not only common rules taught in books - if you feel the picture, you have done your job right.




Horn of Culture

Don't always sing from the same song-sheet,

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