Picture of the month - February 2021

Block Stripes Fashion

Block Stripes Fashion


And back it is - the affection for lighthouses. They never get boring ...

They appear in so many fashionable shapes and styles.

This tiny beauty here - Grisetåodde Fyr - is located in Jutland / Denmark. Not at the sealine, but close to the Oddesund bridge at the Nissum Bredning.

Actually the Nissum Bredning is part of the Limfjord - a sound with inlets both from the North Sea in the West as well as the Kattegat in the East. It divides Jutland therefore in the upper third of the peninsula.

The iron lighthouse from 1909 - only 8 meters tall - is my first red-white lighthouse in fact. A premiere! I therefore edited the image and only left the stylish block stripes in color.


Block Stripes Fashion

Lighthouses never get boring - find your selection,

your Mr.Mooseman