Picture of the month - February 2022

Soda colors

Soda Colors

The background of this image is more than 30 years old.

Denmark - my second home - is from food point of view sweet and colorful.

Not only, the variety is huge - but checking the Danish (!) pastry goods in a bakery immediately give an impression of the delicious - but very sweet - side of Danish life.

And looking at the bright, red color of the "rød pølse" - the red sausage used in the famous Danish Hotdogs - shows colors no German would ever attribute to sausage products.

And so many examples can be found when beeing as fond of food than myself. Lemonades are colorful as well - not only in Denmark - but with even more choice and likely even stronger colors.

30 years ago during a visit with good friends, I arranged a number of diffently colored sodas at a window in our summer cottage and took an image I love until now.

Now I tried again to find such a number of lemonade bottles and repeated and extended the old idea with flash lighting, different geometrical arrangments, bootles freed from their labels ...

Different, but with a lot of memories and fun - and ways more professional than in those early days where my interest in photography just had started. Sweet memories ...


Soda colors

Let colors in your life,

your Mr.Mooseman