Picture of the month - February 2023



The Old Man of Storr (Bodach an Stòrr) on the Isly of Skye is one of the big attractions to visit on the island.

The 48 meters high rock formation can be accessed with an uphill hike not suitable for everyone, the panorama from the top towards the grassy hills and the Sound of Raasay is worth the climb.

The legend behind the rock pinnacle: An old man and his wife were searching for their runaway cow. When meeting a giant, they tried to escape. While running away they looked back - and turned into stone.

The rock needle which presented the wife in this legend unfortunately collapsed already many years ago.

The image is a panorama assembled from 6 portrait images (10mm focal length), each of them being an HDR composed from 3 images with a exposure distance of 3 stops.

In total the tour takes about 1,5 hours strating from the carpark (plus extensive photography times), about 4kilometers long. During summer, the sight is quite frequented.




Nature photography takes some walking, but it's worth the efforts,

your Mr.Mooseman