Picture of the month - March 2007


Cats and open fires do normally not have very much in common.

Not as long as digital manipulation combines both in one picture. When sorting pictures of our 2005' Ireland trip I came across the peat fire photographed in the Bunratty folk park in Ireland's county Clare. Peat is surely not one of the cleanest fuels available, and so a rich column of smoke ascended to the open roof of the ancient farmhouse building.

Today I wonder how the idea emerged of combining this scenery with a cat portrait taken some time ago. That's some of the fun with photography in general and digital picture manipulation specifically. There are endless possibilities - and sometimes finding one of them is just a matter of luck and a specific moment - no matter if just taken as "normal" picture outdoors or created or finalized on the computer.


Get inspired,
your Mr. Mooseman !