Picture of the month - March 2008



Schloss Jägersburg (if being directly translated: "Chateau Hunterscastle") was built 1721-1728 and served as a hunting lodge for the prince-bishop of Bamberg. The baroque buildings are still in rather good shape and served for a long period as nursing home.

I was brought up not even 2 kilometers from the castle. Still living in the area I pass by every now and then (happening several times a year when geeting to a nearby inn serving excellent carps). While actively searching for objects of interest during any vacation, the closest attractions are often missed. During an October sunset I had collected my gear in order to take some pictures - and passed by the castle looking for views. While I never really had the feeling before in foreign countries, I felt slightly silly when running over the street and setting up my camera on a tripod, occassionally looking from the corner of my eye at the wondering faces of people driving past on the nearby street. Anyhow - as common while getting concentrated on my  photography - my environment faded more and more out and I concentrated only on the viewfinder after a while.

The total views of the castle I got while photographing with vanishing sun and decreasing temperatures were documentation, while still interesting. I chose a compressed detail of the scene still containing the important elements: The warm color of the sunset, the luminous edges of the clouds permeated from behind by the lowering sun and a cut-out of the castle's entrance tower just as a placehold for the whole set of buildings. The tree in the backgrounds gives an additional hint of the natural environment the castle is surrounded from.


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