Picture of the month - March 2009

Carnival - Fasching


Franconia celebrates carnival  with colorful processions in many regions - a highlight in the cold period of February. Carnival parades such as that in my hometown Forchheim present mainly local topics - societies, craft, trade and general business themes, local politics or just any funny item you can imagine. A huge amount of people - volunteers -  invest lots of time to staff tractors with trailers, normal cars, horse-drawn carriages, trucks or just handcarts to create phantasies of color and ideas. Balloons are just one material frequently used.

Besides the vehicles lots of participants are just walking - music clubs, societies or just people with costumes full of phantasy - just as these two of a carneval club, who gave an ideal motif if you dare getting close enough to remove the surroundings. Many of them are open for photographs taken - posing is hard though, as the parade moves one and seldomly comes to a stop. Fast reaction is essential. Franconians don't have the urge to travel to Venice for such pictures :-)

Unfortunately I missed this years parade as I had to stay at home being ill, so the picture is from last year. Besides a vast amount of sweets taken home from my son (Usually the vehicles are heavily loaded with stuff like candy, popcorn, lollies and more) I had a reasonable load of interesting pictures on the memory card.

Helau (a traditional carnival greeting),
your Mr. Mooseman !