Picture of the month - March 2012

What's up?

  What's up?


A scene apart from the amazing sheep dog show we visited that day  - but the best image of the session.

While the working sheep dog demonstration at Leault farm in Kincraig showed a perfect example of how traditional craftmanship still has a place in our modern world and goes hand in hand with today's attitude to nature and animal protection my eyes also strayed over the environment.

Highland cattle is one of the elements of my stereotypical copy of Scotland. They are wild, bold, original, shaggy, stuborn. And cuddly.

The single Border collie fixing the three Highland cattle with a great deal of attention usually meant for the sheep attracted my interest. Then I realized the bored glance of all three shag rugs. I divined their thoughts - "What's up, canine? Anything you wanna tell us?"

Sometimes it's the small subplots of a scenery that are worth an eye (or image) .

Remain alert,
your Mr. Mooseman !