Picture of the month - March 2019

A strong connection

A strong connection


The inspiration for taking this image for the monthly selection comes from two reasons: Time again for moose (remember the web's name?) and: Randall has reopened one of the world's greatest moose sites ever: www.mooseworld.com Thanks so much !

Moose are intriguing animals: Just a few hours after being born, the calves already stand up and start walking around - compare that to the human race!

One of the main reasons of course is the ability to escape in case predators might show up - nature takes care!

The other big safeguard is mother moose - moose cows are highly protective and have dangerous weapons to repel predators - they can kick out using both forelegs and hind legs.

The calf was two days of age when I had the chance to take the image. The mother seldomly was further away than just a few meters. True love.



A strong connection

Keep connected,

your Mr.Mooseman