Picture of the month - March 2020

Winter forest lines

Winter forest lines


Being adventuresome is maybe the most important quality of a photographer, who wants more than just repeating images of the same kind or copying the style of others.

It is finally not all about running for the unknown (which is marvellous, but would limit the possibilities on the other side), but trying out views, new perspectives, styles, technical opportunities, areas, objects, locations ...

I worhsip pin sharp images taken with high end lenses showing the abilities of modern cameras and lenses.

But there is more to see ... getting unfocused, blurred, smeared or moving can create more abstract images. Some might even loose their original origin.

While some "depictive" photographers brush this kind of light painting aside, I love well done images - you might call them imagineries instead - with graphical appeal or suggesting motion or speed as much as a sharp copy of the real world.

This image is taken long time ago in 2006. A typical Franconian pine forest (called "Steckerleswald" in Franconian meaning a forest with pine "sticks"="Steckerle") in winter time. Ideal for a longer exposure while moving the camera slowly vertically.

0.3s exposure, no significant computer editing.


Winter forest lines

Keep on being adventuresome in your photography,

your Mr.Mooseman