Picture of the month - March 2021

Naturkraft gantries

Naturkraft gantries


Searching for structures in nature and manmade objects is a great way to train your photographic eye.

It can be waves, sand structures made by the wind, tree arrangements, flowers, rusty doors or wrotten facades. Or architectural structures such as here. Finf the right angle and section and shoot!

Naturkraft is an amazing, rather young theme park in West Jutland, close to Ringkøbing in Denmark. The main theme is nature and it's forces as well as the environment.

That it serves as attraction for the whole family is undoubted, but also for photographers it delivers some hours of enjoyment (well, I had about 90 minutes actually, where my family gave me the chance to explore the main building).

The architects of those constructions must have had the same passion building than I had photographing their results. The image shows just one aspect of the various possibilities inside and outside. Maybe more variants in some of the upcoming pictures of the month?


Naturkraft gantries

Look out for structures in the natural and artificial world, train your photographic recognition,

your Mr.Mooseman