Picture of the month - April 2005

Flower Meadow

A rather simple picture - without any tricks and manipulation - but my wife's favorite picture of all (because it is without manipulation?)

It was taken in British Columbia/Canada on Mount Revelstoke in August. Just a few weeks before the last snow vanished, and within a few days a variety of species with a vast amount of flowers appears on the mountain meadows. In dips still snow and ice are kept for a long time, but on the sun-exposed meadows the warmth gives way to a short period of growth and life.

One thing you shouldn't forget: The same rapid explosion of life happens with mosquitos! We were told, that about 30 different species are known in this area, some of them we managed to meet personally ... some insect repellent works wonders ... for some of the species at least.

The picture was taken on Fuji Velvia - still the most colourful slide material I know. Just perfect for such motifs, and not replacable by digital photography (yet?). The special effect of this picture is derived from a limited depth of field showing the front-most flowers blurred as soft colour spots only .

Just yesterday I hung up two large format prints in our hall at home - the picture split up in two portrait formatted ones hanging in a distance to each other.
An easy thing with a good slide scanner, some computer work and a shop with a large format printer using pigmented ink (important for the durability of the colours). Try using a special material for the prints - not only the standard glossy papers. These two were printed on a canvas material - it nearly looks like an artistic painting afterwards (just forget the idea to get it done cheap ... material and print are as artistic ...). The final touch with a injket sealing spray enables easy cleaning - especially important with such gravelly material.



Catch the colours,
your Mr. Mooseman !