Picture of the month - April 2010

Tacking without wind

  Tacking without wind

A bunch of food, an exciting view onto the archipelago from the elevated plain of Vetteberg and a walk under the rocks of the Kings cleft (Kungsklyfta). And lots of shots - mainly covering the beautiful nature and seascape around Fjällbacka on the Western coastline of Sweden - that was the goal.

When being on a trip, if being engaged in photography or not , expect the unexpected. Keep on searching the horizon and the near vicinity. You will discover thousands of motifs. Good if you carry the gear required for switching from wide-angle landscape photos at 10mm to a 400mm shot of a crossing sailboat being far out on the sea. And taking the assumption you enjoy or at least accept carrying a large Photo Trekker backpack while your wife is carrying all the rest for the hike and the picnic. And your son does not get into another phase of the terrible twos when you tear down the backpack again for changing the lens another time, look at the boat approaching the harbor, need the tele, now, please be patient ....

The area around Fjällbacka - the sea line, the archipelago, the elevated plain of Vetteberg with rocks and beautiful nature - climbed via a wooden stairways construction just after passing below the "levitating" monster rocks of the Kings cleft - all that is worth days and is extended by the small and cozy harbor town itself.

Take your time - don't forget to absorb the environment in between the camera triggers - and you will find one of my favorite spots in Sweden.

Get excited about the unexpected,
your Mr. Mooseman !