Picture of the month - April 2012

Sand Trees - Sandbäume

  Sand Trees


Trying to see the wood for trees, slewing and tilting your head and eyes out of the normal view can be useful. You might find trees, where you didn't expect any.

Responsible for this unusual fast growth of trees is the English Channel close to Guissény in the North of Brittany. Although I am not the typical bathing vacationer, the Plage du Vougut looked too promising to resist after some hours of driving. The water was wonderful and warm. The coastline created the impression of South Sea beaches.

But even then I continuously carried my camera.  And with a wink of my head while walking down the warm sand of the beach, the trees emerged on the ground rather than on the horizon, where I would have expected them. Sand structures only, but an amazing artwork of nature (Did I mention that one of my passions are sand structures and dunes?)

Try to see the wood for the trees,
your Mr. Mooseman !