Picture of the month - April 2013

Combed - Gekämmt

Flag English Combed
German flag Gekämmt

Most pictures are taken more or loss horizontally. Getting down to the ground does not mean falling down when you consider it photographically. It's more down to the ground reasonable to check for any perspective opportunity when looking for good pictures.

My lowered head when taking this picture was not only a premonition of good images, but a tribute to the very strong winds this day at the coastline at Roscoff in the Finistére département of Brittany.

Various aquatic plants in the English Channel with shallow waters in this special case made up an object, which is not easy to be recognized. In the general the extreme tidal range in Brittany allows for amazing motifs - and wet feet every now and then.


Combed - Gekämmt

Don't forget to get down to the ground,
your Mr. Mooseman !