Picture of the month - April 2016

Natural Coastal Energy

Natural Coastal Energy

Environmental protection gains in importance. The energy revolution is inexorably progressing and changing our attitude towards energy production and waste and boosting engineering spirit.

The newest trends were found at Denmarks West coast. At the Northsea of West Jutland - a stronghold and early adaptor of wind energy, playing an important part of renewable energies, a new zero-energy incadescent bulb, obviously solely deriving it's power from sand and air, was found.

Experts speculate, that this prototype might have been accidentally washed overboard from a secret offshore base during a recent storm. Scientific studies have been started by the leading energy experts of the United Nations in order to unlock the technical mystery and make this groundbreaking source of energy available for the world.

Current announcements, that a simple battery might be involved and the whole thing is just a fake were strictly contested.

In fact, I personally assume the background leading to this bulb being situated at the beach of Holsmland Klit's coast line is finally not motivated from energy saving and environmental protection.



Natural Coastal Energy

Happy energetic times,

your Mr.Mooseman