Picture of the month - April 2019

Dune hair

Dune hair


It is amazing: Photography can be so diversified, that even locations you have visited over and over again over time never get boring.

Sometimes light, time and weather can make the difference to show scenes in a previously unseen way. Sometimes it is the viewer, the photographer finding a new perspective.

A master note in many photo competitions is "Entrants are encouraged to enter new works - new pictures, new views, new techniques, new locations, new ideas ..."

After so many years visiting Denmark, there is never a trip without at least a few new, fresh pictures and perspectives. That is what photography makes one of the best hobbies ever - there is always something new to explore.

The dunes in the image are not spectacular. Some editing on the computer enriched the original view, e.g. by panorama cropping, contrast optimization. But I love the final hairy dune slope. Not only becausae I never had done such an image before ...



Dune hair

Low contrast can be your way, find your new views,

your Mr.Mooseman