Picture of the month - April 2021

Camargue Duality

Camargue Duality


The Camargue in the South of France is situated in the famous Provence region.

It is a wetland deriving from a river delta - Europeans largest actually. A third of the area is marshland or lakes - a natural beauty you should visit when being in the area.

Most famous for it's Flamingos, the region is home to more than 400 species of birds. And also two indigous species: The Camargue cattle and the Camargue horses (Camarguais).

Two of those wonderful white creatures showed up in this dual constellation. The Camargue horses are assumed to be one of the worlds oldest horse breeds.

Originally they were used for cattle work, ridden by the gardians - the Camargue cowboys. They are often roaming freely over the beautiful landscapes - and show up for dreamy images (slightly altered in my "in art" image processing though).


Camargue Duality

Let's keep fingers crossed to being able to travel again in such wonderful regions soon,

your Mr.Mooseman