Picture of the month - May 2003

Stairways to Heaven

A very colourful motif - just as I like it (you might have recognized that fondness of mine already?). And a photography made without tricks.

It's just an emergency stairways of a hotel. Adding the bright blue sky of a sunny day contrasting extraordinarily to the red and especially the yellow part of the flight of winding stairs it is a very easy photo in that respect.

The picture was taken in September 1999 when we passed by Paris after a 2 weeks vacation with our friends in the French Bretagne. We didn't want to go for a hotel directly in Paris to take care of our car (have you ever been driving in Paris? It's something between suicide and rollercoaster - at least until you adapt to the local driving style. But you should not be afraid of a buckle in the car then anyhow ...). Therefore we stopped in a suburb of Paris - Villeneuve St.Georges - to stay at a Formule 1 hotel over night, which "offered this motif".


I used the Kodak EBX 100 (Extra Colour) slide film - one of my favorites - to nearly exaggerate the colour reproduction. With my EOS50E, and the EF 70-200/2,8 L USM the shot was taken without tripod (that one was deep down in the fully loaded trunk of the car).


The title "Stairways to heaven" is ambiguous - usually emergency stairways are more used downstairs in case of fire, but if you reach them and come down - it's likely heaven you reach !


Have fun with colours and always good light,
Your Mr. Mooseman