Picture of the month - May 2007


Arctic foxes are a welcome species in many wildlife parks, such as Wildpark Hundshaupten, which I usually visit in frequent intervals. And artic foxes are a welcome object for photography - they are really cute critters and often subject to weird poses.

I thought I had seen quite some of those during the years I toured the park, but obviously never had chosen the time of moulting for my visits before. 70% of the winter fur consists of warming underhair, arctic foxes can survive temperatures down to -80C with it's help.

It looked like a battle field - tufts of underhair lying all over the enclosure, and Pollux - the name of the illustrated arctic fox - still continuing to tear out large amounts of it from his fur. I can reassure you - some weeks later the fox still had a (strongly lighter) coat, only some particular rest of underhair scattered on the ground reminded of the battle.

In memoriam: Just today I heard much to my regret that Pollux passed away  just recently. May he not have to be irritated with his underhair any more whereever he is now.


Don't tear your hair,
your Mr. Mooseman !