Picture of the month - May 2009

Bye ! - Tschüss !


Hoping not to bore you, I have another "in art" picture with selective saturation and contrast adaptations as monthly favorite. OK, it's only a cow, no exotic and dangerous beast (as far as you don't tease here too much). They are gentle and curious animals. Gentle enough you can get close for any photographic experiment, and curious enough to check your lens with the stunningly long tongue.

The picture is one of a whole series of shots I took just within a few minutes. A small herd - close to a small mountain cheese dairy we visited on the Monte Baldo alps - gave a vast amount of photographic opportunities. This picture was not taken completely wide-angled at 10mm, but 16mm from the bottom up into the sky. The cow more or less bent over to me to find out what I was doing that close to the ground. One of the next releases drowned in cow slobber - or more precisely my lens did so. So be prepared and add some wet photo wipes to your gear.

Up to this very day I am not completely sure if the cow really raised a smile after devastating the front glass of my lens.

Take your risk,
your Mr. Mooseman !