Picture of the month - May 2012

Rising up to the sky

  Rising up to the sky


Finally it's all about your personal point of view- your angle to your object.

The Eiffel Tower for sure is one of the most depicted architectural highlights in the world. It is Paris' landmark and number one on every tourists shopping list. Uncountable volumes of images have been taken, and it holds a copyright for it's illumination shown in the night - so take care if you want to make use of any pictures taken while it's lights are switched on.

It was my fourth trip to Paris when I took this picture. And I have seen the Eiffel Tower whenever coming back for a stay in Paris - actually I do not always take the way up to the platforms on the top - the waiting time can occasionally be very long to get in. Everybody knows the pictures from the "Jardins du Trocadéro", where the water fountains are in front of the tower - don't you?

But take the time and walk around the building itself - the metal structures are amazing and allow for various detail images. And - when you go down to your knees in awe and wonder - you might find another angle to take your personal picture of "THE" tower. Unless you come back to the "city of love" for another set of Eiffel tower pictures. Just in order not to appear too stringent here - Paris has many more broadly  interesting highlights ...

Find YOUR angle,
your Mr. Mooseman !