Picture of the month - May 2019

Bladder cherry bubbles

Bladder cherry bubbles


It was back in 2010 during a Brittany vacation, that I started with the first "bubble art" images. A series I had in mind for a long time and which waited for the right object to start with - it got an artichoke flower finally.

Since then I used almost any offsite vacation to extend the bubble art portfolio, using local plants, seeds and such.

Also the equipment used was upgraded over time with a second flash, a small and portable glass tank and many utilities to fix the photographed subjects under water or create the perfect background (lucky me to utilize a minibus for the extra luggage).

I had to learn how much work the postprocessing gets, removing all the little fluffs and dust entering the water by just inserting the plants and adjusting them properly. Small apertures exposes any interfering element in the water, especially when using flashes.

A lot of work and experience helps to get the images better over time, and it's still lots of fun looking for new items to photograph. And the compassionate smiles of my family when spending hours in my little bubble world bother me less and less :-)



Bladder cherry bubbles

Keep on going for your portfolio,

your Mr.Mooseman