Picture of the month - May 2021

Flower Balls

Flower Balls


The Force awakens - maybe more creativity awakens when the mind gets relaxed. That usually happens in off-times aside the busy working times.

That is how I sense it with my photography during vacation times when stress levels fade and the mind finds time to concentrate on topics far away from office, schedules, budgets, hectic and never-ending meetings, problems and escalations.

Would I do such creative experiments during working times? Seldomly to never. Thoughts rotating around daily topics and the feeling of continous endurance runnning doesn't leave much energy for it.

The colorful creations - a small series resulting from two weeks in Denmark - is an overlay of rather normal, sharp shots combined with some more moving the camera during an extended exposure time resulting in smooth, but colorfull lines showing the same subjects and area, but in a motional way.


Flower Balls

Keep your playfulness,

your Mr.Mooseman