Picture of the month - May 2022

The tunnel to light

The tunnel to light

A long trip with good friends to my second home Denmark- almost 1000 kilometers on the road starting very early in the morning.

But come along, the night is coming - and with it the last day (night ��)of the Ringkøbing Vinterlys Festival ("Winter-light festival") in the Alkjær Lukke Park a little bit outside the city center.

When getting there, fatigue was forgotten. Lights of different kinds beamed through the still leafless trees of the dark park area.

It was a festival with UV based scenarios, colored spotlights, lots of articial fog, light rods, musical elements, stages performances, unicyclists ... a dream wonderland do walk through.

The tripod was mandatory, mirror lock, blind camera settings in the dark. So far for the technical part. Finding the friends again - luckily ones with photographic ambitions as well, so despite cold temperatures time was not an issue.

The magic of light played the leading role - such as here in a scene with projections and fog, accompanied by music. A curious girl at the right point in time made the mystic scenario complete.


The tunnel to light

Sometime you just have to overcome your tiredness to get your picture,

your Mr.Mooseman