Picture of the month - June 2007

Late Cow

The object of this picture is simple and not wildlife at all - a cow. I got to meet her close to Bushmills in County Antrim in Northern Ireland. The time was optimal - the final beams of sunlight just getting below the horizon.

What I wanted to photograph actually was the sunset at Dunluce Castle, a picturesque building close to the seam which promised to give a perfect object together with the fading light. Even though being "the" standard method for spectacular photos to use the warm light late in the evening, I do not hesitate to use and enjoy using it.

When getting out of the car, rather hectic due to the late hour, I realized the cow, just standing on a small slope in front of the cliff line, not 100 meters from Dunluce Castle. Back to the car - getting the 70-200 I had not intended to use for the Castle. "A panorama". "Not enough time". So the picture was a normal shot, but digital cropping realized for what the time was not sufficient later on.

Dunluce Castle got a chance as well afterwards, the golden light remained, the sun itself had already dropped behind the horizon. I believe it was worth spending the time for the cow ...


Take your opportunity,
your Mr. Mooseman !