Picture of the month - June 2010

Desire - Begehren


Would you agree if I said, that some things never change? Just as a child's longingly gaze in front of a toyshop?

Boys get older, but it is only (or should only be) the type of window display which changes, not the desire. If you would ask me today, I would most likely give a very similar sight in front of a photography store ...

From a photographic point of view the picture is not special - except maybe that is an available light image (it was actually half past ten in the night during a visit of Garda at Lake Garda).

I used  a 50mm/1.4  lens at F1.4 with ISO 320 - both things which I did usually not have or use in analog times (while the first one was an issue of money, the second one was more a matter of changing film rolls to have higher ISO speeds available). How easy and comfortable a photographer's life became with today's modern digital cameras (which you can find in one of the many display windows, where you can find me standing in front of).

Feed your wishes,
your Mr. Mooseman !