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Mother's Day - Muttertag

  Mother's Day


It's about a love story. And instinct. And a wonder.

When visiting "Mooselady Lotta" in the nearby wildpark on Mother's day, it was just a few days after a cute moose calf had seen the light of the day. The youngster walked besides his mother as if he never had done anything else before.

As in wildlife, the moose cow was very protective and started feint attacks whenever someone came too close to the fence. And many gestures showed - translated by human interpretation into human sentimental values - a deep and real love between the mother and her newborn.

 Possibly my objectiveness was clouded by the shown bond of affection on Mother's Day - I really sensed the relationship was as intensive as what we call motherly love.

Find your love story,
your Mr. Mooseman !