Picture of the month - June 2019

Chicago Signs

Chicago Signs


The first image in the newly opened USA section. A section which won't grow as much as European ones have the chance to. Business trip photography tends to be hectic and rarely brings reasonable numbers of good images.

And as my wife suffers from aerophobia, the chance to get there for vacation are rather small.

I had the chance to visit Chicago two times for business reasons, and the second time I had my DSLR, tripod and some lenses with me.

Three colleagues and me used a few minutes after dinner in downtown to walk towards Millennium park, one colleague besides me also interested in photography and carrying his gear.

It was late November, it was cold and very windy (Who knows Chicago also knows, why it is also referred to as "Windy Town")

Actually the two photographers obviously didn't feel the pain of freezing, despite the handling of the camera gear. The other two did. The photo session didn't really reach Millennium park, but a few images paid back the efforts in unfavorable conditions.



Chicago Signs

Weather doesn't matter if you are hot for photography ,

your Mr.Mooseman